Pursuant to the provisions of Article 2, Section 5 of the Constitution of the Most Royal Prince Hall Grand Court Order of Cyrene, the following Officers were elected, appointed and installed at the 99th Annual Grand Session held on October 27-28th 2017, at the Sovereign Best Western Hotel, 1228 Western Avenue, Albany, New York.


Most Royal Grand Commandress   Ethel Cochran (13)
Most Royal Grand Chief Engineer   Russell E. Duckett (3)
Most Eminent Grand Commander   Sir Richard Bourne KYCH
Right Royal Deputy Grand Commandress   Cecelia Footes-Shands (12)
Right Royal Deputy Grand Chief Engineer  

Henry Rowlett
Anthony Curtis

Royal Grand Martha   Brenda  Simons (3) 
Royal Grand Magdalene   Deborah Lowers (2)                 
Royal Grand Treasurer   Angella Y. Clarke
Royal Grand Secretary   Maxine D. Colden, PMRGC (5)
3 year  Royal Grand Trustees   PRC Carrie Burrell
2 year  Royal Grand Trustees PRC Pauline Cherry
1 year  Royal Grand Trustees PRC Ella Robinson



Royal Grand Lecturer  
Royal Grand Assistant Lecturer  
Royal Grand Recorder PRC Viola Smalls (5)
Royal Grand CCFC PRC Wilma J. Johnson (13)
Royal Grand Inspectress
Royal Grand Sr. Shepherdess PRC Linda Tyson (12)                         
Royal Grand Jr. Shepherdess PRC Michelle Bullock (12)
Royal Grand Sr. Stewardess PRC Norma  Husbands(19)
Royal Grand Jr. Stewardess PRC Norma Diggs-Murrell (5)
Royal Grand Altaress HPRGC Halestine Phillips 12)
Royal Grand Inside Guard PRC Mary Hayes  (12)
PRC Shirley Cook (12)
Royal Grand Outside Guard  
Royal Grand Marshal East PRC Pauline Cherry  (12)
Royal Grand Marshal West PRC Yvonne Ladson (15)
Royal Grand Pianist HPRGC Rosie Eugene  (3)




District DeputyGrand Commandresses District Deputy Grand Lecturers
Nazarene No. 2     HPGC Betty Barbour PMRGC Hazel Searles
Bethany No. 3 PRC Moretha Mathews PRC Felecia Watson
Oriental No. 5   PRC Julia Holland PMRGC Maxine Colden
Magdalene  No. 12   PRC Linda Tyson PRC Shirley Cook
St. Mary No. 13    RRDGC Ethel Cochran  PRC Carrie Burnell
Galilee No. 14    
Bathsheba  No. 15 PRC Yvonne Ladson PRC Yvonne Harmon
Emmanuel No. 18    
Crown of Thorns No. 19    
Unbroken Circle No. 20 PRC Dawn Duckett PRC Lady Williams



District Deputy Grand Chief Engineers


Nazarene No. 2 RRDGCE Bobby Littlejohn
Bethany No. 3 PMRGCE William A. Dyson II
Oriental No. 5 PCE Luther Wright
Magdalene No.12      
St. Mary No. 13 PMRGCE William A Dyson II
Galilee No. 14  
Bathsheba No. 15 PCE Luther Wright
Emmanuel No. 18  
Crown Of Thorns No. 19 C.E Malcolm Douglas
Unbroken Circle No. 20 MEGC Russell E. Duckett




Past Grand Council By-Laws Revisions
PMRGC Maxine D. Colden (5) Chair HPGC Bettie Barbour (2) Chair
PMRGCE William A. Dyson (13) Co-Chair PRC Debra Lowers (2)
All Past Grands  PRC Tameka Monroe (2)
Revisions of the Constitution & Statues Charters and Warrants
PMRGC Sandra Rogers(15)Chair PMRGC Hazel Searles(2) Chair
PMRGC Maxine D. Colden (5)  PMRGCE Bobby Littlejohn (2)
PRC Bernetha Lyle (12)  
Convention Committee Registration
PRC Yvonne Harmon (15) Chair PRC Brenda Ephriam (12) Chair
PMRGC Maxine D. Colden (5) Co-Chair PRC Shirley Cheesboro (13) Co-Chair
RL Cheryl Stanford (5)  
Convention Journal Queens Journal
RL Lisa Gibson (19) Chair RL Lisa Gibson (19) Chair
Queens Contest Hospitality & Hostesses
PRC Norma McNeil-Husband (19) Co-Chair S.E. Henry Rowlett ((12) Chair
PRC Carrie Burnell (13) PRC Rose Rowlett (12)
HPRGC Rosie Eugene (3)  PRC Veronica Raphael (15)
RL Sandra Romani (3)  
RL Lisa Gibson (19) Journal Chair  
Convention Rules Choir
PRC Sharon Williams (5) Chair HPGC Rosie Eugene (3) Chair
PRC Dorothy Inzar( 12) All Royal Ladies and Sir Engineers
Social Concerns Etta Forbes Charity
RRDGC Ethel Cochran (13)  RG Magdelene Brenda Simons (3)
Courts Senior Shepherdess All Subordinate Courts Senior Stewardess
Administrative Degree Baldrics
RRDGC Ethel Cochran (13)  RRDGC Ethel Cochran (13)
All Deputy Grand Commandresses PMRGC RGS Maxine Colden (5)
All Elected and Appointed Grand Officers PRC RGT Bernetha Lyle (12)
Credentials Annual Divine Service
PMRGC Maxine Colden (5) Grand Secretary  RG Magdelene Brenda Simons (5) Chair
All Subordinate Court Royal Mag  
Student Assistant Fund Memorial Service
RG Mar Cecelia Footes-Shands(12)  HPRGC Halestine Phillips (12)
PMRGC Edwina Harris (12)  HPRGC Rosie Eugene(5)
PRC Norma McNeil-Husbands (19)  All Subordinate Court Royal Commamdress
PRC Sherie Johnson (15)  
Burial Team Jurisprudence
MRGC Angella Y. Clarke(13) PMRGC Hazel Searles (2) Chair
MRGCE Russell E. Duckett(3)  HPRGC Betty Barbour  (2)
RRDGC Ethel Cochran (13)  All Past Royal Grands
RRDGCE Bobby Littlejohn (2)  
Subordinate Court Returns Appeals and Grievances
PRC Ella Robinson (3) Chair PMRGC Karen Thompson (12) Chair
PRC Ruth E. Miller (3)  
HPRGC Rosie Eugene (3) Grand CCFC
All Subordinate Courts PRC Wilma Johnson (13)
Audit Committee Budget Committee
RRDGC Ethel Cochran (13)  RRDGC Ethel Cochran (13) Chair
RG Mar Cecelia Footes-Shands (12)  RG Mar Cecelia Footes-Shands (12)
RG Magdelene Brenda Simons (3)  RG Magdelene Brenda Simons (3)
PRC Alice Love (5)  PMRGC Maxine D. Colden(5)RG Secretary
PRC Bernetha Lyle (12) RGT  
Work and Lectures Charity Committee
PMRGC Hazel Searles  (2) Chair PRC Bernetha Lyle (12) Chair
PMRGC Sandra Rogers (15)Co-Chair PRC Ruth E. Miller (3)
All Past Grands PRC Margret Harris (3)
PRC Carrie Burnell(13)  
Fundraiser Bus Ride Fundraiser Gospel Brunch
PMRGC Maxine D. Colden  (5) Chair RRDGC Ethel Cochran (13) chair
PRC  Bernetha Lyle (12)  RG Mar Cecelia Footes-Shands(12)
PRC Ruth E. Miller (3)  RG Mag Brenda Simons( 3)
PRC Moretha Mathews (3)  RL Margo Abraham (12)